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Since 2000, Trucks Trailer & Equipment Financing has been offering reliable financing options with lower interest rates for commercial trucks, trailers, and equipment in the United States of America. We understand your business and offer competitive long term loans with zero down financing to help you buy old or new trucks.

Why Choose Us

Interest Rates Starts At 4.75%

We recommend you to visit us when you decide to buy a truck, trailer, or equipment to get pre-approved. You can compare our finance options with the dealer’s offers. We assure you that our interest rates are low and the best in the industry.


Dealers won’t always offer you their best price and will put you aside until you are approved. When you are not approved before visiting the dealer, this will waste your time. Our pre-approval process is simple and time saving.

Commercial Finance Experts

We are committed to offering you the most convenient plan in your budget. Our experts will prepare you a customized plan based on your monthly repayment and down payment requirements.

Good Credit Score

Like some dealers, we will not send your application to multiple banks since it will lower your credit score. We will get your loan on time while helping you to maintain a good credit score.

Best Financial Assistance

With over 20 years of industry experience, we finance any year, make, or model of trucks and equipment with the longest terms and best interest rates. Please call us at (800) 636-5051 to start the process.